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Unreal3.2.8 uzun bir aradan sonra yayinlandi.

Bu sürümde toplam 70 değişiklikler yapilmiştir. Birçok hatalar bug’lar giderilmiştir. Spamfilter geç algılama agır kaldirmalar gibi sorunlar da giderilmiştir. Isterseniz aşagidaki resimden indirebilirsiniz.

Sorunlari buradan inceleyebilirsiniz. Ingilizce’dir.

    ==[ NEW ]==
    - set::level-on-join: this defines which privileges a user receives when creating a
      channel, default is 'chanop', the only other available setting is 'none' (opless).
    - Away notification through WATCH: This allows clients to receive a notification
      when someone goes away or comes back, along with a reason, a bit like IM's.
      There's probably no current client supporting this but it would be a nice feature
      in notify lists. Client developers: see Changes file for full protocol details.
      This feature can be disabled by setting set::watch-away-notification to 'no'.
    - Spamfilter: Slow spamfilter detection: For each spamfilter, Unreal will check,
      each time it executes, how long it takes to execute. When a certain threshold is
      reached the IRCd will warn or even remove the spamfilter. This could prevent a
      spamfilter from completely stalling the IRCd. Warning is configured through
      set::spamfilter::slowdetect-warn (default: 250ms) and automatic deletion is
      configured by set::spamfilter::slowdetect-fatal (default: 500ms).
      You can set both settings to 0 (zero) to disable slow spamfilter detection.
      This feature is currently not available on Windows.
    - SSL: set::ssl::server-cipher-list can be used to limit the allowed ciphers
    - SSL: To specify when an SSL session key should be renegotiated you can use
      set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes  and set::ssl::renegotiate-timeout .
    - UHNAMES support: This sends the full nick!ident@host in NAMES which can be
      used by clients for their IAL. mIRC, Klient, etc support this.
    - There have also been some behavior changes, which can be considered NEW, see
      next section (CHANGED).

    ==[ CHANGED ]==
    - IPv6: On IPv6 servers you no longer have to use ::ffff: IP's for IPv4 in the
      config file, you can use the simple form, as they are converted automatically.
    - When someone is banned and /PARTs, the part reason (comment) is no longer shown
    - ChanMode +S/+c: now strips/blocks 'reverse' as well
    - Smart banning is now disabled by default because it was too annoying, this means that
      f.e. if there's a ban on *!*@*.com then you can still add a ban on *!*@*.aol.com
    - except ban { } now also protects against ZLINEs and ban ip { }
    - Modules: user modes and channel modes without parameters (eg: +X) no longer have
      to be PERManent, this means they can be upgraded/reloaded/unloaded on-the-fly.

    ==[ MAJOR BUGS FIXED ]==
    - Zip links issue (Overflowed unzipbuf)
    - Crash issue with 3rd party modules that introduce new channel modes w/parameters
    - Mac OS X: Various issues which prevented the IRCd from booting up
    - Remote includes (constant) crash with new curl/c-ares versions
    - A few rare crash issues, including a crash when linking to another server
    - In case of clock adjustments, the IRCd will no longer freeze when the time is
      adjusted backwards, nor will it incorrectly throttle clients when adjusted forward.
      However, because clock adjustments (time shifts) of more than xx seconds are
      so dangerous (and will still cause a number of issues), big warnings are now
      printed when they happen.
      Morale: synchronize your system clock, or use the built-in timesync feature.

    ==[ MINOR BUGS FIXED ]==
    - CGI:IRC: Several IPv6 issues, both on IPv6 IRCd's and CGI:IRC gateways
    - IP masks in oper::from::userhost sometimes didn't match when they should
    - (G)ZLINE's on IPv6 users were sometimes rejected
    - CHROOTDIR works again
    - OperOverride fixes
    - Throttling is now more accurate
    - And more... see Changelog

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